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A brighter future for Erith

Aspirational living 

Our vision for Erith Park is to create a neighbourhood where a great range of people aspire to live. We want people to feel a sense of pride and commitment to Erith Park, so that they are motivated to contribute to the future of the community.

Our mixed-tenure community

Erith Park provides residents with a safe and attractive place to call home, where the can relax, make social connections, and utilise the resources to help them progress in life.

We believe that a community benefits from having a mix of people from different backgrounds and perspectives. How someone pays for their home is not important – what’s more important is that they take responsibility for their environment and respect their neighbours.

Our homes at Erith Park are offered across a range of tenures, providing customers with a flexible housing journey:

  • 20% of the homes are available for outright sale
  • 20% are available through Aspire to Buy (affordable rent progressing to purchase within five years)
  • 34% are available through shared ownership (part rent, part buy)
  • 36% are available through affordable rent, to a mix of previous residents or ‘stayers’ from the Larner Road estate and nominees from London Borough of Bexley.

The development had adopted a ‘tenure blind’ approach, making it impossible to tell which home is which tenure from the street. Even internally, layouts are identical and only a small number of fixtures and fittings differ.

We’ve also built a mix of homes to attract a range of households, with 30% being three or four bedroom family homes, the majority of them houses with gardens.

We wanted to minimise private rented housing so that as many residents as possible have a long term interest and investment in the Erith Park community.

Building Communities at Erith Park

We provide lots opportunities for new residents to come together and get to know each other. We hope people will find areas of common interest and make friends among their neighbours, creating a new community of their own.

We’ve recruited a number of Community Buddies, who are long term residents of the area. They can be identified at community events by their yellow shirts, and their role is to welcome newcomers and offer practical information about the homes and the neighbourhood.  They also help organise community events and promote the ethos of the Erith Park community.

A Resident Meeting has also been set up to provide a forum for residents to get more involved in the development of Erith Park. Our first meetings attracted residents of all tenures and there was agreement that they wanted to divide their energies between organising community events and having an input into management issues.

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