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A brighter future for Erith

Natural environment

We’ve also taken positive measure to retain and improve the quality of the natural environment, both for wildlife and for the enjoyment of local people. This is most evident in our improvements to The Dell, which is a small area of land designated as having local ecological significance. However, it was very overgrown and, as it was shielded from the road by a substantial wall, few local people were really aware of it.  Not surprisingly, dumped rubbish accumulated and being secluded, made it unwelcoming to visitors.

Today the Dell has been transformed into our own little patch of countryside.  Descending the rustic paths in the Dell, you feel far away from urban Erith.  Residents selected local artist, Will Jordan, to create custom-made benches and a standalone wooden art piece, which encourages people to sit and enjoy the peace and birdsong.

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