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A brighter future for Erith

The Erith Park Brand 

Marketing names for new developments often don’t reflect the final postal address.  We decided to choose a marketing name which could live on as the name of the new neighbourhood and give it identity for its new and returning residents.

The branding of Erith Park was our opportunity to shake-off the legacy of the Larner Road estate and establish a new identity before our first new residents moved in. We wanted a name that local people could identify with and adopt, and one that was specific to the locality – not a generic name that would work anywhere.  

Following proposals from branding consultancies, Bradley Dyer’s suggestion of ‘Erith Park’ was the preferred ‘pitch’ by our professional teams, as well as  existing residents. Using ‘Erith’ in the name demonstrates we are proud to be part of the town and are committed to revitalising it. We used ‘Park’ because so many people had commented positively on our landscaping plans. It represents the best aspects of life in the suburbs.

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