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A brighter future for Erith

Fresh Fruit and Veg at Erith Park

Published 14th July 2016 | Community Events

The Erith Park regeneration team is benefitting from our residents' allotment surplus.  Over the last week we've had potatoes, rhubarb and mint delivered to the office. We've got our eye on some of their delicious tomatoes too.

There are allotments right next to Erith Park. Some of our residents had fancied having one for a long time but found the prospect rather daunting. They got together and formed a community gardening group, sharing the work and sharing the produce.

Wates, our construction partner, got involved on their community week, rotavating the plot, building a shed and providing a starter set of tools.

New people are always welcome to join the group - just contact the regeneration team and we'll put you in touch